Starting THIS FRIDAY, CCESL will be moving from Lince to Jesus Maria.  So, if you are planning to come to conversation club Friday, Whatever night Saturday, Church Sunday, or anything after that, come join us at our new location in Jesus Maria.  The address is Avenida Horacio Urteaga No. 962, near La Rambla on Brasil.  Please help us spread the word and come join us at our new location!



*We still have our 2nd location in San Juan de Lurigancho, which will still be in the same place!!

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Conversation Clubs

So, in case you didn’t know or haven’t paid much attention, CCESL offers conversation clubs 5 times a week in our two locations at all different times of the day.  If you’ve studied English and have an intermediate or advanced level and want to improve your speaking, you can come join us for free—no sign up’s required.  All you have to do is show up.  At conversation club, you will have the opportunity to learn idioms and slang, discuss all different kinds of topics ranging from travel to transportation, to sports, to cooking—you name it we probably talk about it.  You will also often get a chance to practice reading and pronunciation.  Remember, if you don’t use it you will lose it.  Come out and practice with us at any or all of the conversation clubs we offer!

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Lot’s going on at CCESL

We’ve had a very busy couple of months with four teams from the states joining us, English camp, special seminars, extraordinarily large coffee Shop nights, conversation clubs in two new schools, and so much more.  We have met so many new people, and our conversation clubs continue to grow.  So, for those of you who are new and checking this out for the first time, here’s a schedule of what goes on on a monthly basis at our campuses.  We look forward to seeing you at any of our activities soon.


Sunday: 10:30 am Church Service
Tuesday: 7:30 pm Conversation Club
Wednesday: 10:30 am Conversation Club
                        7:00 pm Wednesday Night Service
Friday: 3:00 pm Conversation Club
              7:00 pm Home Fellowship (at a home in Magdalena)
Saturday: 6:00 pm 316 Bible Study

1st Saturday of the month  -  Women’s Fellowship 11 am
1st Sunday of the month  -  Prayer Meeting 3 pm to 4 pm
Last Friday of the month  -  Coffee Shop Night 7 pm to 11 pm
Last Saturday of the month  -  Men’s Fellowship 6 pm


Sunday: 6 pm Church Service
Tuesday: 10:00 am Conversation Club
Thursday: 3:00 pm Conversation Club
Friday: 7:00 pm Home Fellowship (at a home in SJL)

1st Sunday of the month  -  Prayer Meeting 5 pm
3rd Saturday of the month  -  Movie Night 6 pm

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English Camp is coming!!!!


It’s about that time again.  The time when 20 Native English Speakers from the USA come to visit and help us put on our annual English Camp.  This year, the camp will be July 26th to the 29th.  It will be 4 days, 3 nights in Cieneguilla where the only language you will be able to speak is English.  You will be completely immersed in the English Language all the while learning about culture, specific vocabulary, games, food, and much more.  The cost of the camp this year is 150 soles and includes transportation from CCESL to Cieneguilla, Lodging, Food, and all camp materials.  Sign ups will begin June 25th and you will only be able to sign up at Sunday or Wednesday Night services at either campus (Lince or SJL). You will also need to pass a short oral test proving you have an intermediate or advanced level of English.  Space is very limited, so come sign up with us beginning June 25 and reserve your spot for this years English camp!

For any questions, feel free to write or call us at 986443519.

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Service Time Change….

Due to the heat in the Summer, we changed the service time at CCESL for a few months, but now it’s winter and we’re changing it back.  Starting tomorrow, our Sunday service in Lince will go back to its normal time at 10:30 AM Sunday mornings.  Don’t be late, and come join us as we continue our study in the book of Luke.

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English Camp (without the camp) is coming…..

We are excited to tell you about a special event that will be happening the week of March 20th-25t at CCESL.  We have a group of 15 people who will be coming to join us from the US and they will be putting on a week of special activities to help you practice your English.  Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, they will be giving special English seminars (two a night) from 6:30 to 9 pm.  Wednesday we will have a special night of Music all in English by some of the people from the team joined with the band from CCESL.  Then, Friday night we will have coffee shop night a week early in Lince followed by a special coffee shop night in San Juan de Lurigancho.  There are a lot of exciting things happening and this is your chance to practice English with different native speakers.  So come join us.  The classes are 5 soles a night and if you want to be sure to have a spot, you need to register at a Sunday or Wednesday night service at CCESL.  The other events are completely free and open to anyone learning or speaking English.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

   camp without

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A New Years Challenge

To start this year, for the month of January we’re challenging everyone to read through the book of Proverbs reading one chapter a day.  Proverbs is a book full of wisdom for how to live a successful and prosperous life, and who doesn’t want help with that!  So join us.  Today is January 3rd, so check out Proverbs 3 today.  And if you want to dig deeper, you can check out our Proverbs Archives page under the resources tab or join us Wednesday night at 7pm as we study the book of Proverbs together.

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Christmas Day At CCESL

christmas dayThis Christmas was very special for a lot of us here in Lima.  Since Christmas fell on a Sunday this year, we decided to change service around to a memorable time spent together as a family in Christ over pancake breakfast, worship, and the Word of God.  We started out the morning by eating a feast full of pancakes, bacon, eggs, fruit, coffee and juice as we sat around tables talking about how we had celebrated the night before.  Then Pastor Rick brought all the children forward to tell them about the true meaning of Christmas in a way they could understand and participate in.  Then we opened the Bible and read the Christmaskids christmas story together as Pastor Rick shared a short teaching.  Even though it was tough for some people to come out because of family things and the fact that in Peru, they celebrate Christmas starting at midnight on Christmas eve, we had a larger than expected group at both campuses.  It was busy, but it was a very blessed day celebrating the real reason for Christmas and adoring the one who came to save us.

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It’s Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas

DSCN7793So far we’ve had an awesome week and a half going around Lima Christmas Caroling, using that to spread the story of the true meaning of Christmas and inviting people come come practice their English with us.  We’ve met so many new people from all over Lima, had some good times with some friends from the US, and served Jesus in such a fun way.  And there is still more to come! Thursday we will be caroling on the train and in a bilingual Christian School.  Friday we get to sing at one of the other big English Schools in Lima.  Saturday we have our annual Christmas Banquet as a church.  And then it’s only one more week until Christmas.

For those of you who live in Lima, who come regularly or who we’ve recently met, there will be no conversation club in San Juan de Lurigancho this week due to Christmas caroling, but all conversation clubs will return to normal next week.  We look forward to seeing you this Friday at Bible Study, Sunday at Church, or at any of our conversation clubs in Lince or SJL next week.  Merry Christmas!!!


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Godly Marriages Conference


CCESL has changed a lot in the past several years.  As the church has grown, so have the dynamics of the congregation.  At one time, most of our church was made up of young, single people.  But in the last few years, marriages have formed, families have grown, and a lot more couples began to come to our church.  Then, this past weekend, God brought Pastor Bryan Michaels and his wife Jeanine to teach a marriage conference.  We had more than twenty couples come join us to learn and be reminded of God’s plans for our marriage.  There were people from all walks of life—those who aren’t married yet, those who have been married a few years, and those who have been married many years.  And as we studied the Word of God we were encouraged to be marriages that reflect Christ in a dark world.  Hearts were encouraged, broken pieces were healed, and the families in our church were strengthened. 


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