Worship and Bible Study from this week are here for you to download and listen to.  You can also find links to Worship Music, Bible Studies, and other Audio Files from Services and Events from past books.  We’ve also made available some screensavers to remind you to pray.  We pray you would use these resources to draw closer to God not just on Sunday’s but all week long!

Continue to scroll down for a list of other books of the Bible and Worship Music from CCESL.

This Week’s Study (for music click here)

Date Description Speaker Filename
Sunday, March 1,2019 Acts 18:18-28 Rick Heilman Acts18pt2
Sunday, February 23,2019 Acts 18:1-18 Rick Heilman Acts18pt1
Sunday, February 2,2019 Acts 17:1-10 Rick Heilman Acts17
Wednesday, February 19,2019 Isaiah 11:10-12:6 Rick Heilman Is11-12

Click on any of these links and it will take you to the page with all the teachings from each book!

joshua     Judges

Ruth     1-2 Samuel

1-2 Kings     maxresdefault

EZRA   Image result for nehemiah background

  Image result for the book of esther     Psalms

   PROVERBS   Related image

Matthew    LUKE


Image result for free images book of acts

1 Corinthians     2 Corinthians

Galatians     Ephesians

Philippians     Colossians

1-2 Thesalonians     1-2 Timothy

Titus     Philemon

Hebrews     James

1-2 Peter     1-2-3 John

jude     Revelation

Music Archives     Special Teachings


Prayer Backgrounds


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    I would like to be in contact with you. Iam a peruvian christian person who believe and folloGOD. I would like to participate in your english bible study activities.
    Where are you meeting on wednesday each week?

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