Calvary Chapel English Service start in 2004 as an outreach to English speaking people in Lima Peru.  Rick came to teach in the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Lima and John Bonner asked him to start an English service for the Bible college students, missionaries, and expatriots living in Peru.  Little did they know it would turn in to a church.  The church started out meeting in the same location with Calvary Chapel Lima.  The English service met in a Sunday school classroom during the nine o’clock service.  In October of 2006 the church had to move and we bounced around to several locations.  We met in Rick and Beth’s front yard, the coliseum in Miraflores, the city hall of Pueblo Libre until we found our current location. In April of 2007 we moved to Circulo de Oficiales de la Guardia Republicana Del Peru in San Isidro.  In April of 2010, the Lord provided a building of our own in San Miguel.  Next, we moved to lince; and now December 1st we moved into our now location in Jesus Maria where we are currently meeting every Sunday Morning at 10:30 AM and Wednesday Nights at 7Pm.  We also meet in San Juan de Lurigancho, Sunday Nights at 6 PM.  Come join us at any of our services or locations!


What Calvary Chapel Teaches

Worship Band

An English service in a spanish country seems crazy;
but The Lord has been blessing it and people are getting fed by his word and are growing in him.

Jesus Maria – Sundays at 10:30 am

Just 3 blocks from La Rambla on Brasil
Avenida Horacio Urteaga No. 962
Jesus Maria, Lima
Peru, South America


Av. Jorge Basadre Este 184 – (Paradero 20 de Proceres)
San Juan de Lurigancho, Lima
Peru, South America

jesus marianew map

3 Responses to About CCESL

  1. I’ve just arrived into Lima and I’m interested in attending an English speaking church. I am here on missions and attended Calvary Chapel Iin Aurora, Co. previuosly. I would like to visit and attend services at Calvary Chapel of Lima. Would you please have someone contact me @ 303-719-1453 or via email ?
    thank-you Sharon A. Morrison

  2. Miriam Requejo says:

    Ireally like to visit us .I’m really convinced that Our Lord gave me the opportunity to be in contact with you.I hope to visit soon.

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