English Camp 2019

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English Camp 2019 is here!


It’s time for our 10th annual English Camp and this one will be the biggest ever.  We have more Gringos than ever, more activities, and more fun in store.  This year we will have two camps lasting three days each.  Both camps will be the same so you can only sign up for one.  The cost is 80 soles and includes your food, lodging, and transportation.  So if you are in upper intermediate to advanced English, this is your once-a-year chance to be completely immersed in the English Language without ever leaving Peru.  This year we will be having seminars such as idioms and slang, pronunciation, travel, haircutting, various sports, decorating, line dancing, and much more!  Sign ups have started, and space is limited.  You can sign up at any Sunday or Wednesday night services at CCESL.  For more information you can contact us on our facebook page or at rachel.ccesl@gmail.com.


For the first few weeks, we will only be signing up people who it is their first or second time at camp, to give new people a chance to go.  If there is still space afterwards, we will open up sign-ups to all. If you have any other questions, feel free to write rachel.ccesl@gmail.com or call us at 986443519.



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6 Responses to English Camp 2019

  1. Pablo Alarcon says:

    Hello my dear friends. I would like to know when the next English camp will take place becauae i would love to be part of it. Thank you for your answer in advance.

    • Rick says:

      We hope to have an English Camp around the Independence holidays in July. We have not settled on the dates but probably at least July 28,29, 30 and the second would be July 31, August 1,2. We are still arranging the schedule. I’d like to invite you to our free conversation clubs and our Church. It is a great way to practice English.

  2. Hello . I study at icpna and give me a flyer and I want to know where I should go to pay english camp . I would like go . My website of facebook is Estefany Lacherre .

    • Rachel says:

      HI Estefany. English camp is over for this year but you are welcome to come join any of our conversation clubs or services. We hope to see you there soon!

  3. elizabeth coral says:

    good night
    I would like to know if you will have an English Camp this year 2017, I ‘m interested to go there and practice my english, I was attending same english classes in the English Club but I started to work at school so now is a little hard to go . until I have a permanent schedule in my job. thank you for your information.

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