English Camp 7.0

english camp 2016

English camp proved, once again, to be a very special time of year for us and for the whole church. Despite lots of spiritual attack such as sickness and lightning striking the teams plane on the way here, God brought so much fruit out of this years camp. Twenty people were baptized including several girls who got saved at last years camp or at coffee shop night and have been a part of our discipleship program this past year. Several students, who have been coming to conversation club this past year, gave their lives to the Lord. Even those who still haven’t chosen to follow Jesus yet, were challenged by this year’s camp teachings – “What We Believe and Why We Believe It.”  This year because of the extended lengthen of our camp, we added a special class, “Following Jesus” for those who had recently started their walk with Christ.  We look forward to all the new discipleship groups that will start and the continued fruit we know will keep coming out of this year’s camp.

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