CCESL Picnic Day

This Saturday, our normal events at CCESL (316 in Jesus Maria and Whatever Night in SJL) will be combining and meeting at the Parke la Pera.  It will be a time of fellowship, encouragement, worship, and food.  Bring something to share and join us at 3 pm this Saturday.

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No Service This Sunday!!

Due to voting in Peru, the government doesn’t allow meetings this Sunday until after 4 pm.  So we will be canceling service in both locations for this Sunday.  You can still join us at any of our other events next week including conversation clubs, Wednesday night services, and home fellowship.  See you next week!

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Cancelled Events

For the week between Christmas and New Year, we will be cancelling conversation clubs and home fellowship at CCESL .  We will still have services on Sunday at 10:30 in Jesus Maria and 6 pm in SJL, and TUESDAY NIGHT at 7 pm for our special New Years Eve Service.  Everything will pick back up as normal starting January 2nd. Merry Christmas and have a great week as you think about Jesus and why He came for all of us!

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Lot’s coming….

This summer, we have 4 teams coming from the US to help us at CCESL.  If you haven’t been in awhile, now is a great time to come join us. English camp is coming next month but for now, you can come join us at any of these events:

coffee shop 2coffee shopheader

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Tonight is the first event of a special week full of events. From 7 to 11 in San Juan de Lurigancho, CCESL will be hosting a coffee shop night.  Come join us for fun, games, coffee, delicious desserts—and ALL IN ENGLISH.  Invite your friends and come join us!

coffe shop

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English Extravaganza

It’s time once again for English Extravaganza at CCESL, hosted by CCESL and Calvary Chapel Madison, Wisconsin.  We invite all intermediate and advanced English speakers to come join us for three nights of special classes in different areas of life that will help you develop your vocabulary, listening, and understanding of the English Language.  You will also be able to participate in different activities such as games, dance, food, and other opportunities to learn not only about English but also American Culture.  The cost is 5 soles per night, and you do need to sign up to make sure you save your spot.  You can sign up starting this Sunday at any of our normal services.  So invite your friends and come out and join us for this special 3 day event!

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Special December Coffee Shop Night

Coming up next Saturday, December 8th, CCESL along with Calvary Chapel Madison Wisconsin and a couple from Calvary Chapel Melbourne will be hosting a special Coffee Shop night.  We invite anyone studying or learning English in Lima to come join us for a night of games, coffee, desserts, music, and much more.  This is one December event you don’t want to miss so invite your friends and come join us! 


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Check It Out

Ever heard of an Entourage? Do you know what Languished and Demoralized means? Do you know where to find First Balognians? You can learn new vocabulary and slang by listening to the teachings on our website.  And if you missed last weeks teaching and want to catch up before tomorrows service, Here’s the link: And you can catch all of CCESL’s teachings under our resources page. 

Hope to see you tomorrow at our 10:30 am service in Jesus Maria or our 6 pm service in SJL!!

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Extended Believers Night

If you live in Lima and speak English, we’d like to invite you to come join us tonight for an extended night of worship, teaching, and fellowship.  We’ll start at 7 pm as normal and go late since tomorrow is a holiday.  So bring something to share, invite a friend, and come join us!

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We just finished our last service in our building we’ve been in for the last 4 years in San Juan de Lurigancho, as God is moving us on to a slightly bigger building with room for a kids ministry.  Starting this Tuesday with conversations club, all services events and activities will now be at our new address Av. Jorge Basadre Este 184 – still paradero 20 of Proceres de la Independencia.  It’s only a few blocks from the old building but on the other side of Proceres.  Please take note and come check us out! If you have any questions, feel free to write us or call us at 986443519.

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